Introducing Matt Sloan

I enjoy the freedom and expression of designing usable web projects. I also enjoy the structure and discipline required to develop a modern, standards-compliant website. For me, the most rewarding part of designing for the web is the opportunity to interact with and inform the user. I use all the latest technologies – including html strict, css3, and javascript – to deliver professional work. Because of my experience in design and my knowledge of and c#, I am able to create powerful web applications. It is this blend of design and development that sets me apart. My most recent work has been designing and developing mobile web experiences for national brands like Comcast, Cub Cadet, Charter Communications, and Canon.

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My latest work

I recently created a mobile landing page for Charter Communications that shows gamers the benefits of using Charter internet speeds vs. DSL. Charter advertisements can be found in games like Grand Theft Auto and NBA2k12 that direct the gamers to this mobile landing page. From there, I used jquery to illustrate the speed comparisons with animated bar charts.

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